Day One of Journalism 2150

      As a student interested in writing, but who has a lack of multimedia knowledge, this class has always seemed daunting to me. I could  somewhat understand how becoming better educated about multimedia journalism would improve my writing, but now I see how this class will truly further my journalism education and career.

       I often think of my stories as temporary forms of communication. The words survive on paper for a moment, serve their purpose and disappear. It’s a unique thought that my ideas have the capability to couple with images and create more lasting impressions.  In our lecture today, Rick Agran made me understand the dimensions of capabilities that journalists have when they write.

     “Writing creates relationships between images and information,” Agran said.

     This poignant comment made me understand that the images I create when I write have everything to do with the images I share through photos or videos.

      I understand that this class is about much more than just gaining an understanding of how to use software. It’s about understanding the bigger picture of journalism. It’s about using what Agran called a “sense making process”  to go deeper to the moment of discovery. It’s about taking that discovery and communicating it to an audience. I am no longer daunted at the prospect of this class, but look forward to my journey of becoming a better reporter with the tools I will gain this summer.

Hilary Weaver


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