Blogging Isn’t Scary

     I make lists. Every day, I scrawl out  what seems like a thousand insignificant details mapping out my day.  Eventually, each task is completed,but all of the really important, less significant tasks get exiled to the bottom of my list. In her lecture last Monday, Amy Simmons reminded me of something that I should probably bump to the very top of my “to do” list. It really is time for me to create a brand for myself online. 

     I think I was always daunted by the idea of blogging because I never knew what I could feature in a blog that would be of any interest to anyone. I have this same issue with keeping a regular journal. I can write essays and stories all day, but the minute I write down my personal thoughts I have no desire to share them. 

    I am no longer daunted by blogging.  Simmons suggested that a blog doesn’t have to focus on anything extremely important or poignant. Blogs don’t even have to attract the attention of a diverse audience. Niche blogs, like “Omidog” or “Cooking with Amy” are examples of blogs geared toward specific audiences. A blog about dogs or baking the best brownies might not inspire the cure of cancer, but they can be important to individuals who care deeply about those subjects.

      Coupled with clean organization and a navigable dashboard, simple blogs can receive a lot of attention. The key, Simmons said, is promoting one’s work. I am excited to utilize my Twitter and Facebook accounts to make my personal community aware of my work. Just a month ago I would have been terrified of this thought. After a few weeks of Multimedia Journalism,  I understand that blogging is essential to both my professional and personal life as an aspiring writer. 

Hilary Weaver


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