Final Project

After mulling over several options, I have chosen to feature my final project on the Columbia Track Club. I plan to follow the runners on several runs and understand tell the story of what makes people fall in love with running.
This project immediately presents several challenges. The first and most obvious to come to mind is the challenge of sports photography. I have taken photos of moving subjects in the past, but I fear that I lack the skill at this point to acquire quality photos.
Another challenge that presents itself is finding a story to tell about the track team. It would be easy to follow the team and tell the story of running, but that’s boring. I want to be able to dig deeper, and find something unique within such a broad subject.
Taking the photos at sunset or sunrise will help to enhance the quality of the photos. The team goes on long runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 am. While this time my not be ideal for my sleeping patterns, it will be wonderful for my photos. I don’t have to worry about battling harsh sunlight while trying to take photos of moving subjects. I plan to become acquainted with members of the team in order to get to know my subjects and produce quality work as a result.
I hope that establishing relationships with members of the team will allow me to find deeper stories. I think that if I truly understand the members of the running club, I will find a more complex story.

Hilary Weaver


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