Learning through the Lens

I love the Ragtag Cinema. Every movie I have seen at that theater has left me either in deep thought or conversation. What I usually notice in a film that I see at the Ragtag is its unique narrative features or excellent acting. Tonight, I finally saw the much-discussed film Bully.
As I was watching the movie, I noticed the usual elements, but this time I picked up on things we have been discussing in Multimedia Journalism class. I noticed the angles of shots and how they worked with particular subjects or themes of the story. I noticed the emotions that the camera facilitates in an interview. When Tyler Long’s father spoke about his son’s suicide as a result of being bullied, the tight shot of the camera zoned in on everything that man was feeling in the moment and communicated his grief. Just as we looked at tighter photos in class today, the images in the film told so much within a few moments.
I realized this instant communication of emotion is what I need to capture in my project. I want to allow my camera to guide me to what lies behind the broad topic of what it means to be a runner. I want to capture the passion, the pride and the confidence that lie within a runner’s soul. To me, the most important element of this project is to communicate the emotions from which the big picture unfolds.
Most likely, I won’t make anything worthy of being screened at the Ragtag. Maybe what I produce will look mediocre compared to that of my classmates who have more experience with multimedia stories. I’ve decided not to worry about comparing my work to others’ or to busy myself with negative thoughts along the process. This project, I have decided, will be an experience of learning through my lens. This new knowledge coupled with my best effort is certainly enough for me.

Hilary Weaver


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