Profanity, Patience and Technology

    I feel sorry for anyone who was present in my apartment complex building last Monday night. Most likely, these individuals were privy to a wide variety of vocabulary echoing from my apartment walls.

     The profanity that filled my apartment wasn’t the result of a fight with a friend or a bad roommate, but my Premiere Elements 10 program. For over 10 hours I fiddled with the audio, tinkered with the photos, scratched my work, started again, got frustrated, yelled and cried. I used cleaning the kitchen as a break from my work and looked forward to scrubbing spots off the floor to avoid one more struggle with my audio track disappearing or poor photo resolution.

    Although it was particularly painful, I learned something from this experience. Patience is part of the game of multimedia journalism. After I took a few hundred deep breaths and consulted lord Google for quick help guides to my questions, I produced a semi-decent project. I know it could have been better, but I like to put my experience into perspective. I am new to storytelling through multimedia and can only learn from each experience. I hope that each time I produce a project, I pick up something new to learn.

     I think the key for me will be to try to focus on one new thing each time and to see how that new element will make a difference in my project. After our class watched Sarah Hill’s Storytelling for the Ear Thursday, I learned it is important to use audio and images and a minimum of straight interviews. Stories are told through interesting and compelling images. I hope to incorporate that element into the next phase of my project. Perhaps that new tip and a little less profanity during the editing process will lead to a clean, successful final project. 

Hilary Weaver


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