My Valentine

I have a Valentine this year. It’s been some time since I’ve been in a  relationship on Valentine’s Day, but this one is definitely serious. The two of us have been spending an increasing amount of time together over the past two weeks and I am so excited to finally introduce my Valentine to all of my friends and fellow Mizzou students! 

 We’ve stayed up nights and spent several lunches together. On occasion, my Valentine decides to be difficult and I search frantically for the exit from our relationship. But I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve been in this kind of committed relationship and I always return. Pretty soon, everyone at Mizzou will get a chance to meet my new friend. I am anticipating this approaching date with both anxiousness and excitement. 

Okay. So, my Valentine is not a human being. My Valentine is an inanimate object. It’s true that my Valentine has the human qualities of being temperamental and frustratingly time consuming. Well, what do I expect from my first Vox story? That’s right. On February 14, my feature piece on the Older Women On Weights program at Optimus the Center for Health will be premiering in Vox.   As I finish the edits on my final draft, I don’t regret a single moment we’ve spent together. It might even be love. 



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