Hilary: A race against the clock

I really need there to be 48 hours in one day. Could someone work on  that? As I sat in my editor’s office the other day, I knew the work she was reviewing was not my best. The only explanation I had was that I am still learning how to use my time wisely for the class. That explanation seemed pointless, seeing as the workload I have right now is nothing compared to what is coming.

The best defense I have against the evils of time is to complete interview notes faster, find the “gem” quotes sooner and breathe. I also prescribe more sleep and less late nights spent with Joni Mitchell at the journalism school.

I am looking forward to our upcoming multimedia project and to finding stories of miraculous spiritual journeys, but  in order to preserve my own journey as a journalist, I really must defeat the minutes threateningly ticking past on the clock. 


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