Multimedia: Round Two

Tackling a multimedia project in my fundamentals of multimedia course was the furthest from my imagined capabilities. But after my struggles with recorders, microphones and other confusing equipment, I came out better on the other side.  Through gaining basic knowledge of multimedia tools, I learned how to make a broader story and focus on a smaller, more intimate story.

This week, Vox reporters begin searching for subjects for our multimedia project entitled “Having Faith.” The mission is to find people who have experienced transformative spiritual journeys, religious or otherwise.

I know the power of telling a story through words, and know the work that goes into making those words sound just right. But what always ceases to amaze me are the countless other mediums that tell a story through the power of journalism.

This time, I take on the multimedia task knowing with more confidence and more knowledge. Like, for instance, I’ll remember to  check make sure I am comfortable with my sound equipment before  going to my subject’s house where a noisy fan blows in every direction.

Wish this reporter luck, friends. I’m on a story hunt. 


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