Help! I’ve fallen! Can I get a hand, Hugh?


At the Oscars on Sunday, Jennifer Lawrence took a tremendous tumble up the stairs to the stage to accept her Best Actress award. After a chivalrous Hugh Jackman rushed to her aid, Lawrence made the trek to the stage and proclaimed to her peers, “You’re just standing because you feel sorry that I fell and it was really embarrassing.” Well, Jennifer, I can relate.

Every time I have gotten praise this semester for something I’ve managed to do right, I can’t help but think that it has to do with everything I’ve done wrong leading up to that point. For all the times during the past six weeks that I’ve felt like I’m grasping my first shining, golden statue on the podium, I’ve also had experiences that resulted in mortification equal to that of falling on my face in front of all of Hollywood.

Yesterday was one such experience. After taking photos and conducting interviews for our Vox Ask Columbians segment at the Columbia mall, I met a new friend. A mall security guard. He kindly informed me that I did not have permission to take photos inside the mall, and I immediately felt like smacking my palm to my face. Although I had talked to my editor and received permission from her, I knew taking photos inside the mall probably wasn’t the most journalistically sound decision I’d ever made. Being a journalist gives me a lot of rights, but not when it comes to reporting on someone else’s property.  I’m smarter than that, and now I’m without my photos and past my deadline.

Maybe one day soon I’ll be up on that podium again, smiling sheepishly like Jennifer Lawrence in the presence of my superiors’ praise.

For now, I’m smack down on the steps with my face pressing hard onto the stage floor. While Jennifer was able to lift herself from the steps before her knight and shining armor arrived to the stage, I’m not so sure about Hilary Weaver. Hugh Jackman, fallen journalist over here! I could use a hand! Thanks ever so much.


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